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New Forms for Renewable Energy Facilities at the N.C. Utilities Commission

The N.C. Utilities Commission has issued new forms for Renewable Energy Producers that will be required beginning May 1, 2018. These include:

(1) a new Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity (“CPCN”) Application;

(2) a new Report of Proposed Construction for projects that do not require a CPCN;

(3) a Registration Statement which is required for any Renewable Energy Facility seeking Renewable Energy Credits and/or to participate in the new Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy Program; and

(4) an Annual Certification for Renewable Energy Registration.

These new forms are part of the Commission’s implementation of HB 589 and subsequent Commission Rules R8-64, 65 and 66. For more information of these forms and the rules, contact Karen Kemerait, Gray Styers or Deborah Ross.