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June 2017

Duke Energy Progress Files for Rate Case

On June 1, Duke Energy Progress (DEP) filed an Application for a rate increase with the N.C. Utilities Commission.  The filing can be found here:  http://starw1.ncuc.net/ncuc/ViewFile.aspx?Id=7e497cdb-bbfb-491d-ba4c-d52764d37112 The $477.5 million revenue increase, as proposed, would be distributed among classes of customers and result in rate increases as follows: 16.7% for the residential class, 15.4% for the small general service class, 12.9% for the medium general service class, 13.4% for the large …Read More

Transportation Infrastructure Needs in North Carolina Are Growing – Addressing Them Can Benefit the Economy

A new report on North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure needs and potential benefits of transportation investments was released in May. KEEPING NORTH CAROLINA MOBILE: Progress and Challenges in Providing an Efficient, Safe and Well-Maintained Transportation System was produced by TRIP, a national transportation research group. It is available at http://www.tripnet.org/docs/NC_Progress_and_Challenges_TRIP_Report_May_2017.pdf. Key findings from the report focus on the connection between population and economic growth and increased wear and tear on the …Read More

Much at Stake for Duke Energy and the Solar Industry

Duke Energy has proposed sweeping changes to the amounts it pays to purchase solar-generated power and the terms of its contracts with solar developers. Duke Energy has raised those changes in the 2016 Avoided Cost Proceeding pending before the North Carolina Utilities Commission. The filings in that proceeding can be found at http://starw1.ncuc.net/ncuc/portal/ncuc/page/docket-docs/PSC/DocketDetails.aspx?DocketId=ee736b71-4f22-4414-b0a1-33a9d339b440. Federal law, called the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA), requires electric utilities to purchase …Read More