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May 2017

Protecting Utilities with a Practical, Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Program

Key takeaways Utilities are frequently targeted by cyber-attackers because they represent a critical component of infrastructure and are aggregating large quantities. Utilities of all sizes are a target, particularly in view of their increased reliance on data and proliferation of ransomware that can disable or disrupt services. “It is a technical issue, and we have good IT” is not an answer. Even the best IT is vulnerable. Technical assessments alone …Read More

North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia ranked in the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index

The 2017 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index released by Clean Edge, Inc. ranks all fifty states, and the top 50 cities in the U.S. The state index is based on 80 indicators from clean technology, capital investments and policy categories. The metro index is based on 30 indicators from the following categories: green buildings, advanced transportation, climate and carbon management, and clean-tech investment, innovation and workforce. Overall, North Carolina ranked …Read More

North Carolina Investing in the Oyster Industry

North Carolina is investing in the oyster industry and hoping for big results. The Oyster industry has been wildly successful in Virginia, and if done properly in North Carolina, promises to bring jobs, boost tourism and clean the environment. According to the N.C. Sound Economic Development Summit hosted by the N.C. Coastal Federation in March, 2017, the oyster industry is doubling every five years in the United States. Not only …Read More

Elements for Growth

In ancient times, philosophers identified four elements – earth, water, air and fire — as the fundamental components of the natural world. Although modern science and our understanding of the periodic table of elements have replaced this concept, those four classical elements serve as a useful metaphor to categorize the infrastructure that is essential for economic growth and development. Earth – the wise planning, division, and utilization of real estate …Read More

South Carolina Increases Gas Tax to Fund Road Improvements

With deteriorating roads and increasing safety concerns, the South Carolina legislature finally raised their gas tax to fund road  improvements.  The legislature overrode Governor McMaster’s veto and enacted HB 3516 on May 10. 2017. The debate over the gas tax increase began in 2015. Three years later it took a formal motion by the Senate Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman to end a filibuster so the Senate could override the governor’s …Read More